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Business consultancy services

A virtual office “Spectrum Brno” offers its business consultancy services in all fields related to the start, operation and development of your business.

Each type of business is specific and can entail various risks, no matter if you are a self-employed person resp. entrepreneur or you plan to establish a new company. Except professional skills, experience and knowledge from your own field of specialization you will certainly need to master other activities, necessary for your business, in particular law, accounting, economics or marketing. Do you know what you should pay attention to? What arrangements should be made? Why didn’t you come to visit us to consult your business plan!

The consultancy services provided by the virtual office “Spectrum Brno” focus on the improvement of competitiveness and development of business in such a way to increase their business efficiency. We solve problems and situations every businessman and every company face every day; in this connection we formulate business strategies. We help owners of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve their financial problems and to set the optimal property structure.

The virtual office “Spectrum Brno” guarantees following services:

  • consultation on business plan
  • consultation on the most appropriate legal form of the business as regards any specific needs and conditions of business activities of clients
  • complex arrangement of activities connected with the establishment, procurement and sale of business companies
  • administration of business companies
  • representation in the proceedings associated with the trade register
  • general meeting organization arrangement
  • verification of possibilities of the acquisition of external sources of financing
  • consultation and arrangement of changes in the legal forms of the business
  • consultancy and deliveries in the IT sector
  • creation and administration of web pages
  • real estate management, other real-estate activities
  • project management

Any question? You can call us toll-free at 800 566 566! We will be happy to help you - we are looking forward to our mutual co-operation!

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Legal advisory services

Legal advisory services

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